Dear Reader,

wellcome at the information site of the Institute for Animal Assisted Coaching &Therapy (INTACT) . We are a private therapeutic institute which was founded in 2011 by Dr. Wolfgang Schuhmayer (MD, initiator), Ass-Prof. Dr. Brigitte Hackenberg (MD, Pediatrician, Psychiatrist for Children and Adolescents, Vienna Medical University), Prim. Univ-Prof. Dr. Karl Zwiauer (MD, Pediatrician. Head of the Pediatric Univ. Clin of St. Poelten - capital of the Austrian province Lower Austria) and other interested private supporters.

The background for founding this institute was to lead AAT(animal assisted therapy)  into a clear medicine determined direction as in the past various poor or even not at all aeducated people pretended to offer "therapy" without giving any scientific reason or data for the efficiacy

To be continued - in case of interest or needs, simply call.